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If you believe in making all of our public schools into even better learning environments

for our students, then come and be part of the change we are bringing to all parts of SF!

We are sensitive to social-distancing in our campaign and with our volunteers!

Volunteer Schedule

Jenny Lam for School Board Lit Drop Kickoff!

This Sunday, August 23 at 10am

Sunset Recreation Center

2210 Lawton Street

Keeping Our Volunteers Safe.

During this era of COVID-19, our campaign is committed to doing everything possible to protecting our volunteers and all voters! We have enacted some safety measures that all our volunteers must follow. These rules are strictly enforced:

  • Volunteer check-ins will follow physical distancing.

  • We will be walking precinct, wearing face masks and gloves. There will be zero interaction with the public.

  • Team Jenny managers will be there to make sure masks and distancing are followed strictly.

  • Hand sanitizers will be provided!

How Would You Like To Help Out?
When are you available to volunteer?
How are you able to help Jenny?
Do you speak any of these language?
Would you be interested in participating or organizing online events?

Thanks for your interest in helping Jenny! We will be in touch with you soon!!!

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