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Commissioner Lam’s statement regarding Alison Collins

March 19, 2021

Reading Commissioner Collins’ tweets from Dec. 4, 2016 left me shocked, dismayed, and personally hurt by her remarks regarding Asian American students, parents, and teachers. 


As a Board Commissioner, Collins helps make decisions that affect tens of thousands of students, families, educators, and staff. Among our students, 40 percent are Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI). Collins must address her racist comments. Instead, her refusal to apologize takes time and energy away from our work at the District. 


The AAPI community is undergoing very trying times. As the only Chinese American Commissioner and an SFUSD mom on the school Board, I must speak out. 


I am asking Commissioner Collins to provide a public apology at our next Board meeting and am calling for her resignation from the San Francisco Board of Education.

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