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All of our children have the right to a welcoming and safe environment with access to the kind of quality education that leads to successful outcomes for students. Jenny wants to ensure that every student feels supported in both academic and social-emotional growth.

Increase Social and Emotional Support

In June 2019, Jenny co-authored the Our Healing in Our Hands resolution, furthering schools as spaces of student-driven healing. Her work teaches students how to mentor their peers.

Bring WiFi SuperSpots to Families

Jenny forged a unique partnership with Education SuperHighway, SFUSD, and the 1Million Project Foundation to increase internet access for our most vulnerable families.

Allocate Resources Equitably

As Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, Jenny allocated more funds to the neediest schools by spearheading changes to the district funding formula. She directed increased funding to students experiencing homelessness, those who live in public housing, are in foster care, or have parents who are incarcerated. 

Close the Achievement Gap
Jenny extended the district's commitment to the African American Leadership Initiative by committing over one million dollars to close the achievement gap.

Advocacy for Students with Special Needs

As Commissioner, Jenny voted to ensure that students with special disabilities have standards for high school completion, and are able to participate in graduation and promotion ceremonies.

Increase Number of Social Workers

Identifying an enormous need within the student population, Jenny secured funding for additional social worker and/or nurse positions to address students' immediate needs. SFUSD's social workers bring a holistic approach to increasing student achievement and are vital to the success of our students and their families.

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