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from SF Board of Education Commissioner Jenny Lam
 regarding the February 15, 2022 Election

With this evening’s election, we change course. We now must move forward to focus our energy back on our students and our schools.


This is no easy task ahead of us. I understand the gravity of my role during this pressing time as the next President of the Board. I am fully aware of the challenges before us – learning loss and recovery, declining enrollment, budget deficit, search for a new superintendent, and more. Together, we move forward in community, as a city.


I know Mayor Breed cares deeply about our public schools. I look forward to working with her, our parents, and our students through this transition. 


I am deeply appreciative of everyone who will work with us as we move forward together. And most importantly, I hope to helm this board in service of our students to help build back the trust we have lost.

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